Project: N-CIRCLE: Virtual Joint Centre for Closed-Loop Cycling of Nitrogen in Chinese Agriculture

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Principal investigators: Professor Hongbin Liu, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Institute of Agriculture Resource and Regional Planning; Professor Peter Smith, University of Aberdeen

Associated with: BBSRC-Newton Fund Call for Virtual Joint Centres with Brazil, China and India in Agricultural Nitrogen

Project Summary:

The N-Circle Virtual Joint Centre is a multidisciplinary collaboration between researchers based in China and the UK. Covering areas including modelling, crop physiology, fertilisers and manures, greenhouse gas emissions, and end-user demand, the project takes a holistic approach to the N cycle. Its ultimate goal is to create a number of techniques and technologies, carrying the N-Circle logo, which can help to tighten the agricultural N cycle. This can help with the sustainable intensification of Chinese agriculture, and can allow for UK agriculture to increase productivity while reducing its environmental footprint.