Project: Estimating establishment and biomass allocation of different groundnut genotypes under different soil moisture conditions and nitrogen sources


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  • National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO), Uganda

Project Summary:

We are investigating a response of different groundnut genotypes to differences sources of Nitrogen. This is based on the feasibility study that found that; different ecological zones vary in N utilization and availability. In addition, different genotypes seem to response to different sources of N in different extents/levels. We are testing different strains of Rhizobia in biological N fixation, use organic residues, use inorganic N sources. This is being done in 3 agri-ecological zones where groundnuts is popular. Data recorded includes; nodulation levels, residual N levels, groundnut yields and nutritional quality of kernels, N use efficiency under low moisture situations.

Link(s): ICRISAT-Nairobi