Project: Aِpplication of nitrogen and bio-fertilizers on plant growth, yields and dry matter production


Principal investigators:

Associated with: 

  • University of Kordofan, Elobeid, Sudan

Project Summary:

The objective of the project is to improve the quality and the health of the soil and the plant species by increasing the nutrient availability for the soil and plants. By using combined application of nitrogen and bio-fertilizers in order to obtaining highest plant growth, yields and dry matter production. Using bio-fertilizers that contain different microbial strains to decrease the use of chemical fertilizers to provide the high quality products free of harmful agro-chemicals for human safety. Bio-fertilizers naturally activate microorganisms found in the soil natural fertility and protecting it against drought and soil diseases and therefore stimulate plant growth. Field experiment will be conducted in different regions of Sudan by using natural election of different type of beneficial living organism and different doses of Nitrogen fertilizer on growth and yield of plants (cereals, pulses, oil-seed and fodder crops).

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