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Tom Misselbrook

Job Title:

Senior Reseach Scientist


Phone Number:

+44 1837 883500


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Tom leads research on soil and atmosphere interactions at Rothamsted, studying ammonia and greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural sources: quantification, process understanding, modelling and the development and assessment of abatement strategies.  More generally he is interested in nitrogen cycling through agricultural systems and in particular the sustainable use of livestock manures.

He currently leads on the compilation and improvement of the national-scale ammonia and greenhouse gas emission inventories for UK agriculture. He also leads the Newton-funded UK-China Virtual Joint Centre for Improved Nitrogen Agronomy (CINAg). He participates in UNECE Task Force for Reactive Nitrogen and Expert Panel on Mitigating Agricultural Nitrogen.

Research Areas:

  • Ammonia and greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture
  • N cycling through agricultural systems
  • Livestock manure management

Current N-related Projects:


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