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Shahnaj Parvin

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PhD research fellow


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My research interests include legume N2 fixation responses to climate change, such as responses to increasing atmospheric CO2, drought stress and heat stress.

I started my research experience working on legume performance under stress condition and worked with mungbean response under different irrigation scenario. This work was done for obtaining my MSc in Agronomy at the Bangladesh Agricultural Univeristy in Bangladesh.

I am doing my PhD at the University of Melbourne, School of Ecosystem and Forest Sciences in July 2015 under the supervision of Prof Michael Tausz and Prof Ute Roessner. My PhD project entitled “Biochemical and physiological mechanisms of legume nitrogen fixation under higher atmospheric CO2 concentrations”, I am investigating physiological and biochemical mechanism of legume adaptation under climate change. I am particularly interested in the C- and N-metabolites response of legumes N2 fixation potential (field pea, faba bean and lentil) under limited water availability and heat stress conditions.

Areas of research

Climate change, elevated CO2, legume physiology, photosynthesis, nodule biochemistry, N2 fixation, nodule metabolomics, drought and heat stress

Awards and recognition

Melbourne Abroad Travelling Scholarship (MATS) Melbourne International Research Scholarship (MIRS) Melbourne International Fee Remission (MIFR) Erasmus Mundus scholarship

Research Areas:

  • Legume N2 fixation under climate change
  • Nodulation
  • Drought adaptation
  • Metabolomics

Current N-related Projects:


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Parvin S, Uddin S, Bourgault M, et al., 2017. Nitrogen fixation and allocation of lentils subjected to heat stress under higher atmospheric CO2 concentration. Proceedings of the 18th Australian Society of Agronomy Conference, 24 – 28 September 2017, Ballarat, Australia.

Uddin S, Parvin S, Awal M A and Bhuiya, M S U. 2013. Effect of water stress on the Morphophysiological Attributes of Mungbean (Vigna radiata L.). International Journal Agricultural Science &Resources. 3 (2): 137 – 148.

Uddin S and Parvin S. 2013. Yield Performance of Mungbean (Vigna radiata L.) as Influenced by Irrigation. International Journal of Agronomy and Plant Production. 4 (S): 3659 – 3667.