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Rajeev Gupta

Job Title:

Principal Scientist and Theme Leader-Genomics and Trait Discovery


Phone Number:

+91 40 30713398


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A result oriented and accomplished Biotechnologist, Molecular Biologist, Molecular Geneticist and a successful leader with a Ph.D. and PDF from University of Cambridge and UC Berkeley, respectively.  Major responsibilities in current position at ICRISAT include, but not limited to, managing and applying modern tools in genomics and trait discovery programs in cereals and legumes to accelerate the rate of genetic gain in crops important to small holder farmers in semi-arid tropics regions of south Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. For last two decades worked both nationally and internationally in non-profit, public and private sectors in challenging environment and published more than 20 research articles in high impact international journals such as Nature, PNAS, The Plant Cell, The Plant Journal, Plant Physiology., Plant Mol. Biol. etc. in addition to 50 patent applications in areas of stress tolerance and yield enhancement/yield stability.

Research Areas:

  • Genomics
  • Stress tolerance
  • Yield enhancement and stability

Current N-related Projects:

  • CINTRIN: Cambridge India Network for Translational Research in Nitrogen


Patents: ~50, for details:

  • Methods for enhancing plant stress tolerance (US7250555B2)
  • Zing finger proteins expressed in plant meristems (US7309816B1)
  • Maize Genes for Controlling Plant Growth and Organ Size and their Use in Improving Crop Plants (US7550575B1, US7834240B2, US 8575422 B1 )
  • Manipulation of Ammonium transporters (AMTs) to improve nitrogen use efficiency in higher plants (US8252979B2, US 8592647B2)
  • Engineering plants for efficient uptake and utilization of urea to improve crop production. WO2014081673A2
  • Modulation of YEP6 gene expression to increase yield and other related traits in plants. WO2016099918A1
  • Manipulation of glutamine synthetases (GS) to improve nitrogen use efficiency and grain yield in higher plants. US 20160108415A1
  • Maize Genes for Controlling Plant Growth and Organ Size and their Use in Improving Crop Plants (US 20170037424A1)


Publications: >23 (~3000 citations, IF ranging from ~42 for Nature to ~7 to Plant Physiology)

  • Radhika Ramya, Lal Ahamed M, C. Tara Satyavathi , Abhishek Rathore, Pooja Katiyar , A. G. Bhasker Raj , Sushil Kumar , Rajeev Gupta, Mahesh D. Mahendrakar, Rattan S. Yadav and Rakesh K. Srivastava (2017) Toward Defining Heterotic Gene Pools Using SSR Markers in Pearl Millet [Pennisetum glaucum (L.) R. Br.]. Frontiers in Plant Sciences. In press
  • Deshpande, S., Rakshit, S., Manasa, K.G., Pandey, S. and Gupta, R., 2016. Genomic Approaches for Abiotic Stress Tolerance in Sorghum. In The Sorghum Genome (pp. 169-187). Springer International Publishing.
  • Jason DeBruin, Carlos D. Messina, Eugenia Munaro, Karen Thompson, Caitlin Conlon-Beckner, Lynne Fallis, Dave Sevenich, Rajeev Gupta, and Kanwarpal S. Dhugga (2013) N Distribution in Maize Plant as a Marker for Grain Yield and Limits on its Remobilization after Flowering. Plant Breeding. doi:10.1111/pbr.12051
  • S. Sivasankar, S. Collinson, Rajeev Gupta, K.S. Dhugga (2012). Maize as an energy crop. In Handbook of Bioenergy Crop Plants. pp. 405-432 (Edited by C. Kole, D. Shonnard and C. Joshi)  Taylor & Francis Publishing.
  • Rajeev Gupta, Zhengyong He and Sheng Luan (2002) Functional relationship of cytochrome c6 and plastocyanin in Arabidopsis. Nature 417: 567-571.
  • Rajeev Gupta, Ruth M. Mould, Zengyong He and Sheng Luan (2002) A Chloroplast FKBP Interacts with and Affects the Accumulation of Rieske Subunit of Cytochrome bf complex. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 99:15806-15811.
  • Rajeev Gupta, Julie T.L. Ting, Lubmir N Sokolov, Sheila A Johnson, Sheng Luan (2002). A tumor suppressor homologue, AtPTEN1, is required for pollen development in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell 14:2495-2507.