Profile – Mariano Cossani

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Mariano Cossani

Job Title:

Senior Research Agronomist


Phone Number:

+61 0437828185


I am a crop ecophysiologist with interest in crop management and breeding with emphasis on the adaptation of crops to abiotic stresses including water deficit, extreme temperatures, and nutrient deficiency. I have worked developing concepts and phenotyping tools for Mediterranean areas and heat environments on yield determination, resources use and use efficiency, water, N, carbon and radiation on different annual crops (wheat, barley, maize, beans, lentils) in rain-fed and irrigated systems of Oceania, Southern Europe, North Africa, South Asia, and Latin America. I am also interested in developing applications of remote sensing and crop modelling to crop management and breeding.

Research Areas:

  • Crop Ecophysiology

Current N-related Projects:

  • Improving profit and reducing risk by managing nitrogen in wheat and extreme temperature in pulses


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