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Jörg Schumacher

Job Title:

Senior Research Fellow

Phone Number:

0044 207593497


Jörg Schumacher obtained his Diplom in Biochemistry for the University of Cologne in 1994, for his work at the Agricultural Food Research Centre at Sussex University in biological nitrogen fixation of Azotobacter vinelandii (with Robert R. Eady). In 1999, he completed his PhD, where he studied the FixL-FixJ mediated regulation of nitrogen fixation genes in Sinorhizobium meliloti at the INRA/CNRS research centre in Toulouse, France (with Daniel Kahn). He joined Imperial College London in 2000, where he joined Martin Buck’s lab as a post-doc, studying the mechanism of sigma54 RNA-polymerase dependent transcription regulation involved in, among others, bacterial nitrogen regulation and plant microbe interactions. In 2011, he became group leader (research Fellow) and has established novel synthetic and systems biology approaches to enhance biological nitrogen fixation in plant associative diazotrophs.


Research Areas:

  • Synthetic and Systems Biology

Current N-related Projects:


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