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John Peters

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Montana State University, Department of Chemistry, PO Box 173400, Bozeman, MT 59717 USA


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Current N-related Projects:

  • Role of P Clusters and FeMo-Cofactors in Nitrogenase Catalysis (National Science Foundation, 2013-2016)
  • Plant Nitrogen Network (PlaNNet): coordinating research on plant nitrogen for sustainable and productive agriculture (NSF, 2015-2019)


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Mitra D, George SJ, Guo Y, Kamali S, Keable S, Peters JW, Pelmenschikov V, Case DA, Cramer SP. “Characterization of [4Fe-4S] cluster vibrations and structure in nitrogenase Fe protein at three oxidation levels via combined NRVS, EXAFS, and DFT analyses” J   Am Chem Soc. Feb 20;135(7):2530-43. (2013)

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