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Jean-Jacques Drevon

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Research Director


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33 491 612332


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Jean-Jacques DREVON graduated as an Agronomist in the National Institute of Agronomy at Paris in 1976.
He worked with FAO in India and Africa in particular, before joining INRA in 1980.
He performed a pre-doc in Oregon State University (USA) with Harold Evans in 1981-82 and received his PhD in Plant and Microbial Physiology from Montpellier University in 1984.
He was invited as a visiting scientist in University of California Davis in 1986 with Don Phillips, and in Australian National University at Canberra in 1996 with David Day.
Coordinator of the FABAMED cooperative research group for legume nitrogen fixation in the Mediterranean basin in 1994-2004 with support of INRA and the European Community projects Fysame and Aquarhiz of INCOMED.
Director of the ECOSYSTEM Federative Research Institute at Montpellier in 2005-07.
Chief of the FABATROPIMED federative project of Agropolis in 2010-15
He is leading a research group on Energetic Metabolism and Environmental Physiology of the Rhizobial Symbiosis, with INRA-SupAgro-IRD-CIRAD at Agropolis Montpellier.

Research Areas:

  • Symbiotic nitrogen fixation ecophysiology

Current N-related Projects:

  • Fabatropimed
  • FTM strategy for legume ecosystemic services
  • ECOLEG workshop


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