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Jacques Batut

Job Title:

Senior scientist at INRA


Phone Number:

33 5 61 28 50 54


Dr Jacques BATUT
Laboratory of Plant-Microorganism Interactions (LIPM) CNRS-INRA Toulouse France
Researcher in C. Masson’s group « Symbiotic functions, genomes and evolution of rhizobia »
PhD in Microbiology. University Toulouse III (1984)
Sabbatical at UC Berkeley (Prof S. Kustu) (1989-1990)
Director of Research (DR1) at the Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique, France (2005-)
Domains of expertise : symbiotic nitrogen fixation, symbioses, plant-microbes interactions, bacterial genomics, signal transduction
Training of 11 PhD students (7 as main supervisor)
Bibliometry (web of science): 54 peer-reviewed publications H index: 29. External citations: 3541 Average citations per item: 69

Research Areas:

  • Symbiotic nitrogen fixation

Current N-related Projects:


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